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My Company, Farrar Credit & Financial Services, is helping others repair their credit history and have a fresh new start on life and their future. While it’s true that consumers can do this very same work themselves, most do not want to deal with the aggravation of talking to credit bureaus to correct mistakes, handle disputes or negotiate with creditors. This is where Farrar Credit Services comes in to provide mediation and counseling services. Our services go deeper that just credit restoration, but we take a holistic approach to help with budget planning, saving and provide stable financial security.


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Coretta N. Meredith-Farrar (Credit Queen) is a proud graduate of Montreat College located in Montreat, North Carolina. She received her B.S degree in Business Management. She has spent over eight years working in Charlotte, North Carolina in corporate America where she has managed over 150 staff members in a fortune 500 company. 

Currently, Coretta is the Founder/President of Farrar Credit & Financial Services, LLC. Farrar Credit & Financial Services provide education and knowledge about credit and financial stability. It is also helping others repair their credit history and have a fresh new start on their life and future. 

Coretta married her high school sweetheart and is the mother of two children. Her purpose is to help others change their lives by understanding who they are and how to use money as a resource to empower their lives.