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I offer various free and paid for financial seminars throughout the year. This credit education will help you stay or become debt free.

We will plan for future financial situations. Such as: college, home buying, wedding and other life events

Together, we will develop an achievable monthly budget to pay down debt.

With my partnership will Tolliver Grey Insurance, we will get you the affordable healthcare you and your family will need.

As a business owner it is important to have excellent credit for daily operations. I will help get you the business credit you need.

Be prepared for tomorrow with life insurance. As a certified writer, I will write you the best possible policy.

You will receive a detailed credit consultation and evaluation when you sign up for services.

I will help maximize your tax refund and award you discounts when you sign up for multiple financial services.

I will work with creditors to remove most negative credit items and teach you how to manage debt.